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DPI UK: Tension Fabric Display Marque

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DPI UK: Tension Fabric Display Marque

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DPI UK: Tension Fabric Display Marque

What we do

DPI are leaders in the field of tensioned fabric displays.

Backed by years of experience, innovative designs, and the best manufacturing skills, we craft beautifully engineered illuminated and non-illuminated soft signage that fulfils every need. Enabling our clients to create the world they want with an experience they can feel.

We’re flexible in our approach, allowing us to manufacture everything from scratch exactly to the dimensions required, using the widest selection of aluminium profiles and LED technology in the industry.

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What solution are you looking for?

Whether a non-illuminated aluminium frame, a Lumina Super Slim LED lightbox, or an exhibition display canopy, we have a solution for you.

Portable Living Wall

Introducing a portable living wall into your retail space will keep your customers happy and healthy while they browse through your store. By connecting them to nature, you’ll create an environment that is stress-free and encourage a positive buying experience for both customers and retailers. 

The living wall can be placed anywhere in the store, even away from direct sunlight, and the plants will thrive, plus you’re not required to manually water the plants, which won’t take away from workers’ normal duties.

Single wall

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DPI UK: Tension Fabric Display Marque

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