Our Top 5 Benefits of LED Lightboxes

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With recent advancements in technology, LED lightboxes have grown in popularity as an advertising tool, and for good reason too.

If you’re not sure what a LED lightbox is, it’s effectively a graphic of any size that is backlit or edge-lit and then encased in a unit. 

As such, this creates a visually dynamic effect that can be used even in low ambient lighting, making it stand out clearly and glow. 

Then, these vibrant products allow you to bring your graphics to life, and are very effective at driving both product & service and brand awareness, making it a very powerful advertising tool.

As they say: “go big or go home”, and LED lightboxes give you the ability to display any image, be it an advertising photograph of your latest product or service, an announcement of a special offer or to showcase your team members and brand values.

Plus, there is a wide range of lightbox solutions available, therefore makes it very suitable for all brands across multiple industries who are seeking promotional tools that fit into their dynamic marketing strategies.

With that said, here are our top 5 benefits of LED lightboxes.


1. Maximises Brand Awareness

Eyes are attracted to bright lights and vivid colours.

As a result, we’re more likely to remember them.

But, LED lightboxes can take this to another level by illuminating these graphics from underneath or behind, making them appear sharper and far more eye-catching.

As such, this ensures maximum visual impact and thus increases brand awareness on the whole.

The market today is extremely saturated with advertisements and this noisy environment makes it very difficult for businesses to stand out from the rest of the competition.

However, when you add a flattering backlight, it gives your graphics and images an extra level of depth and dimension, instantly making the environment easier to absorb.


2. Cost Effective

Let’s say you have a particular promotion or a season is coming to an end, and the time has come to change your decor.

Typically, you will need a visual merchandising team to change traditional signs, posters and displays to ensure they match your brand’s image and still looks put together – this takes time and costs money.

In contrast, LED lightboxes only require the fabric skin to be changed as and when required, the backlit or edge lit system stays put, and because of how easy it is to do, even your employees can do it.

To put it differently, you no longer need to rely on merchandising teams and fitters to change your displays, saving you costs in the long run.


3. Flexibility

LED lights are smaller in comparison to fluorescent lights, which means they can come in very thin, sleek designs.

As such, these will take up very little space in your commercial space, resulting in more space to display physical products, more room for foot traffic and so on.

Secondly, not only are the fabric skins easy to change, but the framework itself is highly customisable compared to other displays.

For instance, you can choose from wall-mounted, suspended or freestanding structures, depending on your unique needs, and they can be made to any size.

Simply, you have free reign when it comes to choosing the frame, design, colour and shape, as well as being as creative as you want in regards to the colour of the light itself, telling your brand story in the most imaginative way.


4. Energy Saving

LEDs (light emitting diodes) consume far less energy than their fluorescent counterparts and only use a fraction of the electricity required but still emit a stronger lighting effect.

And less power consumption results in a lower carbon footprint, supporting your business as environmentally friendly, which is a big concern worldwide.

Moreover, fluorescent light tubes consist of mercury and other heavy metals that can pose a risk to safety.

Not to mention, they’re much more prone to break compared to LED lights; having to replace broken fluorescent lightboxes leads to more waste and pollution,

Positively, LED lightboxes achieve your lighting goals without sacrificing on the quality of your advertising efforts.

So, not only does your business become more sustainable on a practical level, but you accomplish social responsibilities too

In other words, using LED lightboxes will positively impact your bottom line and meet public expectations in terms of ecological concerns in the process.


5. Longer Life Expectancy

First of all, LED lights have an average life expectancy of around 35,000 to 50,000 hours.

In comparison, fluorescent lights have an average life expectancy of around 10,000 to 15,000 hours.

What’s more, LED lights will reach the end of their lifespan with very little maintenance required, however, with fluorescent lights you’ll find yourself manually swapping out fused ones.

In fact, once fluorescent lights hit their end, they will abruptly go out, which can take you by surprise and leave you business in the dark – literally!

On the other hand, LED lights will get dimmer with time, so you will always know when they are coming to their end and start organising replacements in the meantime.

It’s also worth noting here that LED lightboxes are far more durable thanks to their shock resistance.

The reason being, LED lightboxes are usually placed in spaces where there are people, so they need to withstand the possibility of someone bumping into them, whereas fluorescent lights are very fragile.


Rounding Up

In the busy world we live in today, it’s virtually impossible to go shopping without being startled by big screens shouting for our attention; advertisements are becoming bigger, better and brighter.

Since they have been proven to be an extremely successful advertising tool, there are various ways in which they can be used, such as:

  • Point of sale displays
  • Corporate signage
  • Promotional displays
  • Showroom information
  • Exhibitions 

Ultimately, illuminated displays achieve more attention from customers than non illuminated versions, therefore helping to drive sales. 

As such, these products should be thought of as an investment for any business who is trying to maximise their brand awareness and sales revenue.


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