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Display solutions to pack a visual punch for The Alternative Board


The Alternative Board is a business strategist firm, specialising in business coaching and peer advisory boards based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

The Alternative Board helps business owners and leader confidently achieve their strategic goals. They offer peer advisory boards and one to one business coaching from offices across the UK.

Max Crosby-Browne, owner and operator of TAB in the Derby & the East Midlands region, asked DPI UK to bring their offices to life to encourage and motivate staff, visitors and board members.

The Solution

The Alternative Board wanted to create a motivating and encouraging visual workspace for staff and visitors.

We worked with TAB to understand the visual effect they wanted to achieve in their office space. Together we created visual displays for their reception space using DPI’s slimline Lumina lightbox, made using high quality electrics and with a push-fit fabric finish.

This means that if the time comes to refresh the workspace, Over-C can simply pull out the old design and push-fit the new one.

The Solution

An impactful and positive workspace for both staff and clients.

DPI UK built and installed two Lumina 60 lightboxes. The overall size of both units was 1.8 metres wide and over a metre high. A single printed fabric was fitted to each resulting in a dramatic transformation of this reception space.

The beauty of tensioned fabric imagery is that the client can easily fit a new fabric themselves. Once the initial installation of the hardware was completed by the DPI installation team, new designs can be ordered and they can be fitted by almost anyone.

All DPI lightboxes are provided with a lifetime warranty. This means that TAB has total peace of mind should they encounter any future problems.

“The fabric lightboxes from DPI have completely transformed our office working space. At a time when we are welcoming clients and colleagues back into the office on a more frequent basis, it was important to me that they didn’t just return to the same old space. The service from DPI was impeccable, from design to installation, and the fact that I can swap images so easily means that we will be able to re-energise our working environment whenever we feel the need”

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