What is an LED Lightbox?

What is an LED Lightbox

Tags – What is an LED Lightbox   The in-person experience is still popular, even in this digital age. Retail, sports, events, and exhibition are among the sectors finally seeing a steady growth in business after multiple lockdowns. In this current uprising of sectors, we are seeing a parallel continuation of the need for brand […]

5 Ways LED Lightboxes Improve Instore Visits

5 Ways LED Lightboxes Improve Instore Visits

5 Ways LED Lightboxes Improve Instore Visits As soon as visitors enter your store, this is the most important time to impress them with a persuasive message.  And the use of vibrant graphics to represent your brand and the inside-out of your store can work wonders.  This is where LED lightboxes come in, and they’re […]

Tension Fabric Displays: What They Are and How They Can Benefit Your Business

What Are Tension Fabric Displays

Tags – What are Tension Fabric Displays  If you’re looking for a way to make your business stand out from the competition, tension fabric displays may be the perfect solution for you.  To explain it simply, tension fabric displays are a type of visual communication tool that can be used in a variety of settings, […]

Clever Room Divider Idea for Separating Your Space

Clever Room Divider Idea for Separating Your Space

Clever Room Divider Idea for Separating Your Space   Room dividers have been a long-time feature in many workspaces. Facility management teams can use them to solve a lot of different office issues, from privacy to noise control. Regardless of whether you’re working in an open-concept office or in smaller, private offices, room dividers can […]

How To Make Your Office More Appealing To Staff

Living Wall Example

Tags – Making the office more appealing   Ever tried working in a dark office? It’s not ideal. Now compare this to sitting near a window, looking out at a beautiful landscape. You’re immediately more motivated and more productive. So, how can you brighten your office space without relying on a ‘real’ beautiful view? It’s […]

How LED Lightboxes Improve Communication and Engagement

LED Lightboxes to Improve Communication and Engagement

Tags – LED Lightboxes to Improve Communication and Engagement When it comes to communication and engagement, LED lightboxes hold great power.  Many people believe that LED signs are only used for advertising purposes, however these versatile tools can be used in a variety of settings to improve how people interact with your brand or business.  […]

How to Reflect Brand Values in Your Signage

How to Reflect Brand Values in Your Signage

How to Reflect Brand Values in Your Signage When you’re looking for a sign, it’s important to find one that reflects your brand values.  Today, a sign is the first thing your customers and clients see when they walk into your business, so it needs to be representative of who you are as a company.  […]

5 Great Reasons to Use Lightboxes in Visual Merchandising

Lightboxes in visual merchandising

Tags – Lightboxes in visual merchandising As a retailer, your goal is to increase the number of walk-ins to your store, boost sales and receive a better return on space. And this can only be achieved if you’re able to engage with your customers and create a big impact. So, this is where visual merchandising […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Graphics In Your Office Space

Graphics In Office

Tags – Graphics In Office  In the working world we live in today, branding is essential for gaining and retaining new customers and employees. In essence, a strong brand demonstrates the identity and core values of your business, which in turn inspires loyalty and trust. In other words, the workplace is essential for illustrating the […]

About DPI – Our Business Culture and Why It Matters to Our Customers


Our business culture and why it matters to our customers A lot of people in business talk about culture. Like brand, it’s something that can define your business and add to your identity. But does your business really need a culture and, if you have one, would it make a difference to your customers? As […]

Shining a Light on Sustainability and The Lumina Lightbox Range

Sustainability is an increasingly important issue for many people, especially in the business world. For manufacturers, sustainable business practices are becoming imperative. Human industry is a big part of climate change because it relies on land, resources, fossil fuels, and non-stop production and consumption. Manufacturing businesses are now thinking about the environmental footprint they leave […]

The link between workspace design and productivity

On average, we spend nearly a third of our lives at work. And in that time, employees are expected to get their heads down and produce the best quality work they can. But how can businesses help encourage better employee productivity without making them feel like they’re back at school? The answer is with great […]