Clever Room Divider Idea for Separating Your Space

Clever Room Divider Idea for Separating Your Space


Room dividers have been a long-time feature in many workspaces. Facility management teams can use them to solve a lot of different office issues, from privacy to noise control.

Regardless of whether you’re working in an open-concept office or in smaller, private offices, room dividers can help to maximise the space and optimise office wayfinding. For instance, DPI bespoke builds room dividers to improve productivity and efficiency for our clients.


Think of the Visual Impact

If you’re going to use room dividers in an office, then it makes sense to use the divider to also create a visual impact.

Why not also use it as a baffle to minimise noise between workstations; thus creating a visually appealing place to work as well as a peaceful environment in which to concentrate.

Here, Aluminium frames can be built to almost any size at only a couple of inches thick. They have non-trip, super flat footplates to ensure they are sturdy but the best bit is the way the frame infill works.

This trade is known as soft signage or tensioned fabric imagery. The idea is brilliantly simple: an image of your choice is printed onto a soft, fire retardant and recyclable fabric the same size as your frame divider. Around the fabric, the edge is fitted a thin silicone strip. The printed fabric can then be pushed fitted into the frame edge all the way around the frame perimeter until it becomes ‘drum skin’ tight.

The resulting display not only gives visual impact and divides the space, but it’s also easy to move around and the fabric image can be updated, anytime, quickly, by anyone.

If you want to incorporate sound control, a sound-absorbing foam is inserted in between the two fabrics to create a divider that absorbs unwanted noise and looks fantastic.


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