Will COVID precautions make people ill?

A COVID safe workplace is essential if you want staff to return to work, and businesses have adapted quickly to ensure measures are in place to stop the spread of the virus.

In this piece, we explore why staff need to feel confident their space is safe and how you can stop COVID precautions from getting in the way.

Quick fixes can lead to long term problems

To create a COVID safe workplace quick solutions, like taping over seats to maintain social distancing, are common. Tools like this offer an immediate fix, but as we realise the coronavirus pandemic won’t be going anywhere soon, more permanent solutions need to be found. These can quickly turn spaces meant for work and collaboration into places that incite worry and impact the mental wellbeing of employees. Coming back to work can offer some normality and help people feel more relaxed, but returning to a space to see chairs taped over, or roll up banners used as barriers, reminds us of the situation we face. Many COVID precautions are very clinical, they’re reminders of poor health, so is it any surprise that people feel anxious? It’s this anxiety that can have a long term impact and cause illness in the future.

Being more than COVID secure

It’s important businesses are COVID secure, but temporary fixes that end up being used longer term could have a negative impact on the health of employees. The solution is to use tools that effectively control the spread of any virus – but also look good in a work setting. That way people can return to work with confidence and feel good in their surroundings – it’s a win all round.

Bespoke partition in high-end optician
Bespoke partitions can look good too – helping create safe spaces that don’t feel clinical

Confidence comes from your environment

From opticians to offices, businesses have utilised DPI’s new ‘Sneeze Screen’ solutions to get staff back to work in comfortable surroundings. One business that has taken advantage of DPIs bespoke partitioning is marketing agency, Purpose Media. Managing Director, Matt Wheatcroft said; ‘Getting back to the office was vital for our team. We’re a creative business so working together to collaborate on ideas can be difficult while people work from home – but we needed a healthy space.’ ‘The screens from DPI are brilliant, they offered us something that fits with the look and feel of our office, so we can get back to business as usual. I’ve not seen anything else like it.’

Removing risk = a healthy workforce

Giving people a choice of how to help their staff takes the fear away from making a mistake and putting people at risk. DPI is so proud to see our expertise used to make people feel happier, healthier, and more comfortable to get back to business. For more information on DPI’s bespoke partitions, get in touch on 01332 228150.