Creating impactful displays for Pure Electric

Pure Electric is the UK’s leading specialist e-mobility retailer stocking an award-winning range of electric bikes and scooters.

Following a rise in popularity, Pure Electric has launched 12 new stores across the UK and approached us to help them with the launch of their London Holborn store.

After being recommended to us by a trade client, Pure Electric asked us to manufacture a series of large slimline lightboxes that complement their instore environment and brand tone and showcase their leading range of e-bikes and e-scooters.

The Solution

Pure Electric knew the dimensions required and the impact they wanted to achieve but needed help bringing their ideas to life. And that’s where we came in.

We worked with Pure Electric to understand the visual effect they wanted to achieve in-store. Together, we decided the slim 60mm deep lightbox was the perfect solution for their vision.

Due to the large size of the lightboxes, we recommended a backlit lightbox with 6500Kelvin LEDs to illuminate the display with an eye-catching cool-toned light with a blue-white hue. While we considered an edge-lit lightbox, it was decided that backlit LEDs would be brighter for a more impactful display.

The frames of the lightboxes were powder coated with a black colour to match the store’s branding.

Pure Electric case study

The Outcome

Working to a tight deadline, we were able to manufacture and deliver 3 slimline lightboxes in just over one week.

The first lightbox was 2000mm x 3000mm to take centre stage in the downstairs entrance area. Due to its size, this lightbox was supplied in 2 sections and assembled on-site for economic delivery.

We also supplied two 1800mm x 1500mm lightboxes for the main showroom to display alongside their products.

Pure Electric used their own lifestyle imagery on the printed fabric to inspire and engage their customers. The easy to change push-fit fabric is a huge benefit for Pure Electric, allowing them to change their displays as and when it’s required, without the need for a fitter.

All lightboxes are provided with a lifetime warranty. This means that Pure Electric have total peace of mind should they encounter any future problems.


Charlie Foulkes, Marketing Director at Pure Electric stated, “we were particularly attracted to the really simple, effective and flexible interchangeable mechanic of the printed fabric, which our colleagues could replace safely in-store.

The super slim nature of these lightboxes worked well in our instore environment underpinned by the Lifetime Warranty from DPI really added value and reassurance.”