DPI’s 2020 Round-up

We don’t have to remind you of what a shambles 2020 has been.

One sector that got hit the hardest was the beloved events industry.

From the moment social distancing guidelines were introduced, events big and small were forced to postpone or cancel in the name of public health. This had a ripple effect across the entire sector, from event planners to suppliers, like us.

But, at DPI, we didn’t let that get in the way!

We quickly turned our attention to helping local businesses manage the new way of life by using our push-fit design to create bespoke partitions that kept staff and customers safe.

Clear partitioning in a cafe

We pioneered using clear fabrics in our custom-built aluminium frames, to transform our offering from pretty to practical. Suddenly, we weren’t making lightboxes for thousands to see, but instead, we were manufacturing frames for local shops, salons and cafes.

As time went on and lockdown restrictions eased, we started to see our usual projects pick back up again, with work coming in from Pure Electric, CMYUK and many more.

We worked with Pure Electric to create a set of stunning displays for their London Holborn store. We helped them choose lightboxes what would make their imagery stand out for a cool, impactful retail experience.

Pure Electric showroom

We also teamed up with our industry friends at CMYUK to deck out their space with a huge lightbox and non-lit panels.

The lightbox hangs proud in their showroom with colourful artwork to brighten up the room while the non-lit panels are filled with an acoustic absorption material to reduce noise.

wall mounted lightbox display

But it’s not just businesses that needed our help this year, we also worked with renowned artist, Nick Veasey, who trusted us to showcase his artwork in the best possible way with perfect quality and lighting.

We recommended a 60mm deep lightbox with black powder-coated frames and a multi-layered print for this stunning finish:

X-ray lightbox display

So, while 2020 might not have been the start to the decade that we expected, it hasn’t been all doom and gloom here at DPI!

We took on the challenge and managed to show our innovative spirit, working on some exciting projects in the process.

And now it’s nearly over we can’t wait to see what 2021 has to offer. If you’re interested in working with us in the new year, get in touch with our team so we can get stuck in.