Enhancing your work environment – Increasing productivity

The mood of Human beings is directly affected by their surroundings. If it’s dark and gloomy it can certainly dull the mood, conversely, if it’s a blue sky day, a sunny disposition follows. Some of us are more susceptible to the environmental ambience than others but one thing is certain, productivity is directly affected by mood.

Given that most of us are paid to spend 8 hours a day or more in our place of work, it would certainly make sense to any employer to ensure that the mood is upbeat and the outlook is sunny. This can only enhance productivity by triggering the happy making endorphins potentially present in all of us.

A workspace can very easily be enhanced by controlling light and sound, our two most influential senses. With light, it’s not just about brightness, it’s also about warmth (the colour temperature). With sound, constant white noise or an echoey environment can create stress.

So if you combine, warmth, light, low level noise and also throw in a beautiful or inspirational image, you begin to realise how much more productive, members of your staff can be when their minds are stimulated and massaged in this way.

There is a simple way to achieve this, a product that once installed can be updated easily by almost anyone. Fabric imagery push fitted into bespokely built frames provides the perfect solution. Frames can free stand, wallmount or suspend. They can be internally illuminated and the lighting can be dimmed by remote control. Alternatively, frames can be filled with sound control material that absorb excess noise.

By adding and combining these display frames to the office environment, you are first of all adding an image than can be either corporate, instructional or inspirational. By illuminating the image you start to change the ambience of the space. By adding internal acoustic absorption you then minimise the unnecessary noise.

The added benefit is an easy change image that is simply push fitted into the frame by hand. It can be changed by anyone at any time to correspond with whatever is most important – the season, a corporate message or just because hungry minds react well to a change of scenery.

DPI build fabric image displays to transform any space, nothing is standard. Creating beautiful displays using fabric and light is what we do… and we love what we do.