5 Reasons Why You Should Use Graphics In Your Office Space

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In the working world we live in today, branding is essential for gaining and retaining new customers and employees.

In essence, a strong brand demonstrates the identity and core values of your business, which in turn inspires loyalty and trust.

In other words, the workplace is essential for illustrating the brand of your business, and helps to encompass company morale, engagement, culture and a sense of pride.

Simply, the look and ambience of the office matters. 

And incorporating graphics into the workspace contributes to the success of your business overall.

With that said, here are 5 reasons why you should use graphics in your office space.


1. Communicate Mission & Values

No matter what industry your business is in, your office should be offering an immersive experience for everyone, be it visitors or employees.

And the graphics you choose to display need to reinforce your company values, mission and culture.

Doing so encourages your existing employees to believe in the company they work for and as a result, increase retention and engagement.

The reason being, these graphics will act as a daily visual reminder of your company’s unique aspects and your company’s deeply rooted mission.

Moreover, a positive company culture is crucial to a successful business, and by using visual aids to reinforce this, helps to build a sense of community within the office.

Lastly, if you share the history of your business, it can create an emotional connectedness, bringing credibility to your company values and mission.

As such, including graphic storyboards and images that display monumental moments help to communicate your brand story.


2. Enhance Customer/Client Experience

First impressions matter – you don’t get a second chance.

And a key component to brand recognition is the client/customer experience.

Essentially, your office is an extension of your brand, and if you have customers or clients visiting your office, you need to place intentional messaging about your brand’s culture, value and mission.

In fact, visual aids are 43% more persuasive than non-visual presentations.

Therefore, including graphics will help to grab attention during an office tour and help to see the bigger picture of all your products and services, and all the facets that go into that process.

To put it simply, placing graphics into your office space can create a lasting first impression that will leave your clients and customers talking about your brand once they leave.


3. Create an Innovative Space & Define Areas

If your office has different areas, such as a collaborative zone or a quiet room, using graphics can indicate the purpose of each space.

Here, you can make clever use of your brand colours. For example, for a collaborative zone, you can take your bright, bold and intense colour palette to encourage interaction and more noise, whereas quieter areas may have a softer interpretation of your company’s branding.

Furthermore, acoustic treatments, such as wall panelling, not only insulates the space from sound, but also creates an opportunity for privacy.

To put it simply, incorporating graphics to differentiate between different spaces helps to streamline the logistics of a space.


4. Encourage Creativity

Creativity is in high demand in the workplace and can be the determining factor if your business succeeds or fails.

To put it simply, blank walls muffles creativity, whereas a dynamic environment has been proven  to foster innovative ideas.

Naturally, creativity takes place when our minds are fully engaged, but also distracted; when our minds are pulled in different directions, you’re forced to think outside the box.

In other words, the design of your office plays a role in creativity, and incorporating graphics enhances the environment as well as generates conversations that leads to new ideas.


5. Refuel the Mind

In the office there are often a lot of repetitive tasks to complete, like drafting emails or writing reports.

And eventually, our mental resources are slowly draining, meaning our ability to focus and stay productive slowly runs out as the day goes on.

However, including striking graphics around the office allows us to regain some of these mental resources, boost our energy and increase productivity.

For instance, there’s a wealth of research that shows being surrounded by nature improves how we think and work, however, it’s not always possible to bring nature sabbaticals inside. 

So, creating designs inspired by nature, you can bring the outdoors into the office and tap into powerful psychological effects that results in a more productive and satisfying workplace.


The Takeaway

Giving your employees an innovative space that implements graphics will boost employee satisfaction, increase productivity and give employees a better understanding of the business’s philosophy.

So, if your office has dull, blank walls, now’s the time to bring it to life through strategic office design, incorporating engaging graphics that adopts company branding.


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