How to Maintain Social Distancing at Work

The workplace, and how we use it, will be massively different to the one we left behind before lockdown as we journey into the new ‘normal’.

The return to work poses many challenges. Balancing business continuity with staff safety will be comparingly just as testing as the transition to having your workforce largely dispersed or ‘placed on hold’ was, and the changes will be much longer lasting.

So, what can you do now to help adhere to office social distancing later?

Here’s our advice…

Inform Staff of Changes

It is essential to effectively communicate safety changes and new regulations to workers.

Try to do this in advance so that staff can discuss any concerns they may have. There’s no point putting all the hard work in now for guidelines to be misunderstood as soon as business resumes.

Be as flexible as possible and be prepared to make changes based on individual concerns. Engagement, involvement, and transparency will build confidence and trust and ensure that workers feel safe and secure in returning to the workplace.

As well as informing staff through, phone calls and virtual meetings be sure to continuously remind them of the new changes whilst they’re at work too.

A great way of doing so is through bespoke partitioning. DPI’s range of custom-made partitions can be customised to suit any requirement, which means you can display safety instructions and step by step guides throughout your workplace.

The partitions utilise a push fit fabric that can be swapped and changed as often as you like, so once social distancing measures are eased and removed, you can reuse the partition with another fabric, perhaps one that matches your branding or a soothing image that’ll help keep employees stress free.

Fabric inserts can be washed too, so their simple removal makes for an effective and hygienic solution, especially in times like these.

Implement Social Distancing Solutions

Our bespoke partitions aren’t only helpful in educating employees of new rules and regulations, they’re also perfect for office social distancing or distance segregation in the workplace.

As a manufacturer of aluminium displays that utilise simple push fit fabrics or graphic images, we’ve applied our tried and tested manufacturing processes to create bespoke partitioning and portable walls and rooms.

The partitions can be wall-mounted or free-standing displays, used to segregate and isolate various parts of an environment.

They can also help section off specific areas so you can keep employees in segregated groups to limit contamination.

A clear, flexible material can be fitted into the partition frame that allows for full visibility during social distancing, so workers can continue to communicate and work as ‘normal’. However, as discussed above, the partitions can also be fitted with fabric to display any imagery you’d like.

As well as aiding social distancing measures, partitions can also help improve the spread of infection through their antibacterial properties. DPI can apply an antibacterial treatment to the printed fabric to prevent the spread of germs, plus both the partition frame and push fabric can be easily cleaned for improved hygiene. Frames and clear fabrics can be wiped down with anti-bacterial cleaning products while printed fabrics can be removed and washed between uses.

Bespoke partitioning for offices

Not Just for The Office

Our frames are made to last, so your partitioning can still be used long after social distancing measures are lifted. All push fabrics can be removed and replaced at any time to meet your needs. So, your partitioning can be used to beautifully decorate your office, create a unique stand at events or as a safety precaution in the factory.

However, partitions aren’t only limited to a workplace environment.

The flexible clear fabric in our partitions provides a fantastic way of display products and promotions for retail outlets. Use them on a portable frame to guide customers through the space and easy to follow checkouts.

Bespoke partitions can be used in other public spaces too. Gyms and beauty salons can benefit from partitioning to create safe, segregated areas. Portable screens can be used to create pop-up rooms for 1-2-1 consultancy or to block off areas for group activities.

Bespoke partitioning in a cafe

Helping You Adhere to Office Social Distancing

If you’re interested in finding out more about our range of bespoke partitioning or need any more office social distancing tips, please get in touch. We’d be more than happy to help.