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LED Lightboxes

What are LED lightboxes?

Lumina LED Lightboxes are illuminated aluminium boxes. We can build these boxes to almost any size you like and we can paint (powdercoat) the aluminium lightbox to any colour to match the environment. The graphic display image is then printed onto a thin fabric that allows light through it (backlit). The fabric image then has a thin, flexible edging strip fitted all the way around its complete perimeter.

This allows almost anyone to apply the fabric image to the lightbox by pushing the strip into a thin recess in the frame all the way around until the fabric is ‘drum tight’. No tools or any other skillset is required to do this and it can be changed quickly and easily. Once the fabric image is fitted, the lightbox can be switched on, illuminating the fabric and instantly bringing the image to life.

Why choose our led lightboxes?

Lumina lightboxes built by DPI have many benefits over other products on the market.

Professional build
DPI have a huge choice of aluminium profiles to choose from. We use the correct profile for each and every lightbox to ensure stability, rigidity and of course conformity to the client’s aesthetic requirement. Our lightboxes are very sturdy to and built to endure the rigours of shipping from show to show, location to location.

Lifetime Warranty
A parts replacement warranty that gives you the ultimate confidence that if anything were to go wrong, DPI can send out replacement parts so the issue can be resolved easily and quickly. Find out more about our lifetime warranty here.

Lumina lightboxes work anywhere in the world no matter what the local voltage is
The drivers used to power the LEDS are ‘switchable’, this means that no matter where in the world you use your Lumina lightbox, the light output will be the same.

All internal components are mounted ‘internally’
The last thing you want once your lightbox is installed, is a bulky transformer (LED driver) fitted to the power cable that then needs to be hidden somehow. All lightboxes have their super slimline drivers mounted inside the box. Because they are slimline, they never cause shadows.

High quality electrical components
DPI utilise only a 24-volt LED system on hard backed LED strips (we never use cheap 12-volt LED tape from a roll). The industry is rife with cheap electric components and although its hard to tell the difference at first glance, inferior, cheap LEDS can fail or their light output slowly turn yellower over time.

What types of led lightbox are available?

Lumina led light boxes can be built using a variety of different thicknesses of aluminium profiles so that they can either be wall-mounted, free stand with feet or they can suspend using cables.

Additionally, we can build the lightbox to illuminate on just one side or both sides. If it is wall-mounted then it would be single-sided; however, if it is to free stand, suspend from the ceiling, or even be built into an existing structure, then it can have single or double-sided illumination. Lumina lightboxes can be square, rectangle, circular, and various other polygon shapes.


Fit directly to the wall by drilling and fitting through the frame or backboard (avoiding any components of course!). Alternatively, fit into a recess or aperture by drilling and fitting through the frame side.


Single or double-sided illumination lightboxes can have footplates fitted so that the lightbox can free stand in a retail situation or an exhibition stand. If the lightbox needs to be moved regularly, we can fit castors instead of feet.


Use our cabling system to suspend a single or double sided lightbox from the ceiling of a retail space or in an exhibition hall.

Let's work together to bring your design to life

What are the benefits of a led lightbox?

A Lumina lightbox on an exhibition stand or in a retail space will bring your message to life. It will draw the eye to your message over and above other, non-illuminated signage.

The push-fit image can be changed quickly and easily with no tools. This can often be done by shop staff or stand personnel. Because the old fabric image simple pulls out of the frame, it can be rolled up and stored for re-use on another occasion.

LEDS use much less power than traditional lightbulbs and fluorescent tubes. They also emit much less heat. The LEDS used in a Lumina lightbox last more than 50,000 hours. This makes them an environmentally sound and cost-effective solution.

What types of internal lighting is there?

Lumina lightboxes utilise a wide range of LED technology enabling you create the correct environment for your brand.

Colour temperature
LED with a different ‘’Kelvin’’ rating (colour temperature) give a warmer light to create a more relaxed and inviting environment. If we use a whiter LED, we create an environment that suggests clinical and professional.

Controllable LED
Lumina lightboxes can have remote dimming control so that the staff in the vicinity can control the brightness. They can be fitted with DALI compatible drivers that can then be integrated into a pre-existing control system. This manages the light and the operation of all units in the environment.

Dynamic LEDS
For a really eye catching display, we can utilise ‘dynamic’ LEDS. These are programmable LED panels that can ‘interact’ with the printed fabric image. The LEDS start white and can go right through the entire colour spectrum, adding colour to plainer images or enhancing colour images. Once the LEDs are programmed to your brief, they will cycle through a programme (flashing, dimming, changing colour and more) subtlety or aggressively enhancing the printed fabric image

Fabric print technology
Advances in fabric printing have allowed even more exciting developments using lightboxes. By printing two slightly different images on top of each other separated by a white layer, the viewed image can change depending on whether the lightbox is on or off. Combine this with a dynamic LED lightbox and the possibilities are endless.

Edge Lit

LEDS are mounted to a solid internal board inside the frame. They shine directly forwards illuminating the fabric image.

  • Brighter for more impact
  • Supplied complete or in manageable sections
  • Allows the use of slimmer aluminium frame profile

Back lit

LEDS are mounted to a solid internal board inside the frame. They shine directly forwards illuminating the fabric image.

  • Brighter for more impact
  • Supplied complete or in manageable sections
  • Allows the use of slimmer aluminium frame profile

Dynamic Backlit

Square tiles inside the lightbox frame contain small LEDS that can be programmed to interact with the fabric image. Using colour change, dimming, and many other options, Dynamic LEDS are the ultimate solution for attracting attention in an exhibition or retail setting.

  • Attracts attention to your brand or message
  • Brings and image to life
  • Can be reprogrammed to work with new fabric image designs over and over again
  • Can be programmed remotely

We bring your designs to life

Where can our LED Lightboxes be used?


Fabric faced lightboxes are ideal for brand recognition, advertising and selling products in all types of retail situations. This includes shops, superstores, airports and showrooms.

Public Spaces

Lightboxes can used for giving instructions or information in public spaces such as museums, council offices, places of worship and community centres.


An obvious choice for fabric faced lightboxes is on an exhibition stand. Attracting visitors, highlighting product benefits and advertising special offers. Plus, an edge lit lightbox can be flat packed for easy and cost-effective shipping between events.


Position a lightbox in an office setting for many reasons; motivational and uplifting imagery, reception desk signage, partitioning, or even sound absorption using internally fitted sound muffling material.

Who We’ve Worked With

Park Vision

Park Vision is a high end, independent optician located in the upmarket ‘Park’ area of Nottingham. They have intense competition from the high street franchises that sell similar services very cheaply but with much less product variety and a conveyor belt mentality. Park Vision commissioned interior design specialist ‘’Retail Experience Design’’ in Coventry to redesign their retail space and testing facilities to reflect the high level of expertise they offer.

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