5 Great Reasons to Use Lightboxes in Visual Merchandising

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As a retailer, your goal is to increase the number of walk-ins to your store, boost sales and receive a better return on space.

And this can only be achieved if you’re able to engage with your customers and create a big impact.

So, this is where visual merchandising comes in; a retail strategy that enhances the aesthetics of your products with the intent to grow sales.

When done properly, visual merchandising has the power to create awareness and ultimately, increase brand loyalty.

However, its number one mission is to entice potential customers into your retail space.

Yet, this can only be achieved if the product display is of high quality.


Signage in Retail

In recent years, retail businesses have taken a hard hit because of the online shopping boom, making it even more important for retailers to incorporate visual merchandising strategies alongside marketing strategies to increase sales.

And this is where signage comes in.

Historically, signage was a simple, place-based message with limited visibility.

Now, the way signage is used in retail stores has evolved significantly; from static and non-illuminated imagery to bold, bright and backlit graphics.

Not to mention, with advancements in LED technology, lightboxes allow brands to engage better with their customers, improve their brand’s image and promote particular products, services, messages and promotions.

So whilst advertisers, marketers and visual merchandisers are aware that backlit signage adds vibrancy and increases visibility, there needs to be a well-thought out strategy about how to deploy this type of signage, (such as LED lightboxes), to drive your bottom line. 

In other words, when thinking about installing illuminated signage, it’s crucial to take into account the impact that lighting will have.

Simply, you can’t just have a lightbox for the sake of it, but you need to understand your buyer’s journey and implement them in a way that encourages them to spend.

That said, let’s take a look at 5 reasons why and when you would want to use a lightbox in your visual merchandising strategy.


5 Reasons to Use Lightboxes in Visual Merchandising


1. Create a Visual Impact

From billboards to non-illuminated signs, today, the signage space is very cluttered.

And if your store seamlessly incorporates a lightbox, customers are bound to get hooked in; our eyes are most attracted to things that shine bright.

Simply, lightboxes will play a key role in what you want your customers to focus on and attract their attention.

Plus, LED signage is brilliant at standing out at any given time of the day – even in broad daylight it should even attract motorists as well as those walking past the store.


2. Ongoing Advertising

With the right placement, lightboxes will help to keep your key messages highlighted and offer continuous, ongoing advertising.

When your store is closed, lightboxes will still grab attention long after your closing hours, which will help to create a natural sense of curiosity among bypassers.

Essentially, people are automatically drawn to illuminated objects and places, meaning lightboxes help to keep your brand alive 24/7.


3. Low Profile

Backlit signs help to achieve low profile lighting, which is how you’re able to light up small, tight spaces.

Simply, wall-mounted lightboxes help to create the illusion of higher ceilings and sidesteps the issue of little vertical space entirely.

In this case, choosing bright white light, rather than warm, will help open up the ceiling, making your store look bigger than it is and therefore create a better customer experience.


4. Product Engagement

Unlike bland posters, high quality, illuminated fabric lightboxes will make your products truly stand out.

To put it differently, are you more likely to notice a movie poster in a lightbox rather than a printed version in a newspaper?

If you answered yes, that’s exactly what a lightbox will do too.

When presented well, lightboxes will have a greater impact on your customers’ buying decisions and make them want to engage with your products.


5. Increase Walk-Ins & Sales

As we mentioned earlier, lightboxes are a great way to increase brand visibility.

But especially when placing them in shop windows.

Simply, free-standing illuminated lightboxes are a great way to drive your promotional message closer to the customer, and work really well in larger stores.

The reason being, light is energy. In both business and in our lives, light offers a rich vitality that non-lit messages cannot offer.

And this energy transfers to customers, which activates emotional triggers which is exactly what you want, and need!


The Bottom Line

Hopefully, you can now see why you should incorporate lightboxes into your visual merchandising strategy.

All in all, if you want your brand to have an edge over your competitors, LED lightboxes will help to solve this problem.


For more information, please get in touch today.

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