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Let’s face it, anybody can build a lightbox, LEDs are readily available from a huge variety of sources. However, if you are planning on supplying your lightbox to a hard won, high profile client then you better be sure that if or when things go wrong – you have a backup plan.

Imagine you’ve supplied 250 wallmounted lightboxes for a roll out and they have been fitted into your client’s stores all over the UK, maybe even into Europe. Then imagine you client reports that some have stopped working, maybe the LED output has started to ‘yellow’, maybe there has even been a more serious wiring problem. It is at this point that you will have wished you had purchased them from a reputable supplier that will back you up, deal with any issues and not just shy away into the background.

DPI UK work with the trade and we support you every step of the way, we manufacture using high quality components, we safety test, and we apply a LIFETIME WARRANTY to our Lumina range. However, if something were to go wrong, we will help you fix it.

If your lightbox supplier doesn’t give you everything below then its high time you chose a supplier that does.

Essential No. 1: Serial Number

Every Lumina lightbox manufactured by DPI has its own individual serial number. This tells us when it was manufactured and how many of which components are fitted inside. Fault diagnosis and rectification made simple.

Essential No. 2: Safety / PAT test

Every Lumina lightbox manufactured by DPI undergoes a safety / PAT test before being supplied. Checking for any anomalies, abnormal loads and wiring issues minimises any ongoing problems and the certificate supplied gives both you and your client supreme confidence.

Essential No. 3: Internally mounted transformers / drivers

DPI utilises slimline drivers that can fit inside even our slimmest lightbox. This negates the need for a clunky external driver that will somehow need to be hidden during installation.

Essential No. 4: ‘Switchable’ drivers

All slimline drivers fitted by DPI are ‘switchable’. This means that they can be used in any country with a different voltage to the UK without changing a thing. Only the plug itself needs to be specified but even then, a travel plug is all that is required in emergencies.

Essential No. 5: Cable options

Your power cable can exit the box anywhere you decide to make installation simple. Choose black or white and any length and it will be fitted and ready to plug and play. WE DO NOT LEAVE IT LOOSE IN THE BOX FOR YOU TO FIT.

Essential No. 6: Lifetime Warranty

DPI are super confident in the Lumina lightbox range and to prove it, we have warranted the LEDS and drivers for LIFE. So long as the lightbox owner can supply a serial number and photos of the issue in a Lumina lightbox made after July 1st 2019 then the offending component will be replaced.

Not essential – but nice to know

The Lumina lightbox range is manufactured here in Blighty.

DPI UK HQ is based in Castle Donington (home of the airport, the racetrack and the rock concert)