How To Make Your Office More Appealing To Staff

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Ever tried working in a dark office?

It’s not ideal.

Now compare this to sitting near a window, looking out at a beautiful landscape. You’re immediately more motivated and more productive.

So, how can you brighten your office space without relying on a ‘real’ beautiful view? It’s simple, pay attention to office design.

More specifically, make work more enjoyable by adding life to your surroundings.

According to psychologists, the atmosphere plays a huge impact on our mood and mental state. And, when we’re spending at least eight hours a day in one space, the office, it’s important to inject colours and light into that space.

Based on that, here are three ways to make the office a more appealing place to be.


1. Add greenery

Plants and fresh flowers are a simple way to bring colour to any part of the office that needs it.

Not only do plants look great but they purify the air – making it cleaner, fresher, and better for your health.

So, bring nature inside with plants’.

As an option for you, that is also easier to manage than traditional office plants, a ‘portable living wall’ is a self-sufficient ecosystem that can be moved around to reset your office space at any time. 


2. Introduce light

Lighten the mood with Lumina LED lightbox displays that can either be wall-mounted or freestanding.

LEDS are low maintenance and have low power consumption.

And, in the case of LED lightboxes, the image you want to illuminate can be printed onto eco-friendly fabric. Once push fitted into the lightbox frame, it makes a dramatic difference to the space.


3. Get arty

With the option of illuminated and non-illuminated displays, you can use dramatic images to create an impact on visiting clients or nature images for a more relaxed environment.

Whatever you choose, the printed fabric in your lightbox display can easily be changed and updated by pulling out the old one and simply push fitting the new one.


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