Manufacturing Recruitment: How I find the best employees

For me, finding the best manufacturing recruitment employees is about more than qualifications and experience. It’s about whether someone is going to be a good fit for the team. There’s no point having someone who’s technically fantastic but can’t work with anyone else.

It can make the recruitment process interesting. I’ve found that there’s a smaller pool of applicants recently, so interviews are about discovering hidden qualities.


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I’m often told I have a unique interviewing style. I’m never quite sure if that’s a good or bad thing! It’s important for me and the interviewee to find out early on whether we’re going to be able to work together. My leadership style is unique so won’t suit everyone and I need to know whether our personalities will work together.

Interviews are stressful for everyone, so I focus on making people feel at ease. I want to get a feel for an interviewee’s personality and that doesn’t happen if they’re nervous and overly formal. It also means that you get to the ‘will they fit with the team’ decision quicker. I’ve found that I can judge how to play an interview within about 30 seconds of meeting the interviewee.


Getting the right information from an Interviewee

For me it’s all about listening, not just the words they say but the ones they leave out. I’ve got pretty good at filling in the gaps over the years. Of course that could equally be joining up the dots – it’s my favourite pastime. This might come across as arrogant, but I’m not often wrong about people. I consider myself a good judge of character. Of course, I don’t just assume things. If I have a nagging doubt in my mind as someone’s speaking I always voice the question. The answer to a niggling question is often astounding and helps me to make a decision.
I take the view that if something is burning a hole in my brain then I’m going to ask about it. There’s a limited filter between my brain and my mouth.


The right retail display business employee

I am always impressed by people who come to me with an amazing back story. While it doesn’t always work out when I take a chance on someone, I’m not going to stop doing it. If I see a spark in someone, I will give them an opportunity to learn and develop. I don’t mind teaching and mentoring someone who wants to learn.

Of course, it means that I’ve got a team full of characters, but they all pull together to get things done. It makes me laugh to think of the things the team have been through together to get to where we are now. Whenever I recruit someone new the team is at the front of my mind. Will this person fit with the dynamic we already have? I can’t fix everyone’s problems, I have enough of my own, but I work with the whole team to help them where I can. Understanding everyone’s personality and how they work together is half the battle.


Manufacturing Recruitment: How I find the best employees II

The best manufacturing employees

I love finding new people who’ve got fire in their belly. You can tell it’s there if you listen well. To me, fire and ambition are two different things. I’m not interested in filling the business with people who always agree with me. I can’t always be right! If someone is prepared to challenge me in a constructive way we’ll solve problems in a much more interesting way. Ultimately, I go with my gut – is this person the right one?

We’re recruiting! If you think you could be a good fit for the DPI UK team, get in touch!

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