Park Vision Opticians Nottingham

Working via (Retail Experience Design – Coventry)

Park Vison is a high end, independent optician located in the upmarket ‘Park’ area of Nottingham. They obviously have intense competition from the high street franchises that sell similar services very cheaply but with much less product variety and a conveyor belt mentality.

Park Vison commissioned interior design specialist ‘’Retail Experience Design’’ in Coventry to redesign their retail space and testing facilities to reflect the high level of expertise they offer.



As an independent optician, Park Vision were keen to showcase their independence from the regular high street testing facilities and the brands of products they offer. Selling luxurious brands and excelling in customer service required the creation of a beautiful new environment to reflect the high end nature of the business.

Part of the design solution was the incorporation of lightboxes that have easily interchangeable, fabric graphics. DPI UK are specialists in the manufacture of a huge range of lightboxes for use retail environments.

Everything built by DPI UK works with an easily fitted and interchangeable, fabric image. Park Vision was very keen to able to change the illuminated message with the seasons and saw this type of lightbox as the perfect solution.

Using a range of wallmounted, single sided backlit lightboxes along with some incorporated, double sided lightboxes displaying both into the practice and outside into the street, DPI manufactured the lightboxes and produced the fabric prints from their artwork. The frames were powdercoated black to integrate with the orange branding of Park Vision.

All Lumina lightbox built by DPI carry their unique Lifetime Warranty.

The end solution speaks for itself.