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Whether you want to bring to life an artistic print, bring colour and light to a space, add a degree of acoustic absorption to a larger are, soft signage has a solution.

A basic aluminium frame can be made so much more with the addition of high quality LED lighting, a specialist vinyl covering and an endless range of shapes and sizes.

Luxurious printed fabrics are then fitted quickly and easily by almost anyone. Fabrics can be changed to suit the season or the occasion with the minimum of disruption and very little storage space is required.

Standing frames can be made portable with wheels and filled with an absorbing material that deadens the excess noise in a busy office environment, internal lighting can be personalised by remote control to dim or brighten an area depending on the mood or the light conditions. Choose warmer LEDS to give a welcoming glow or cold white LEDS for a more dynamic feel.

Fabric faced lightboxes can be built to almost any size and when wallmounted, an infinite amount of shapes and sizes are possible. They can free stand, wallmount or even be built in to existing structures including the ceiling.

Acoustic absorption material

Specialist foam is used to completely fill the frame before fabric imagery is applied. In a busy environment, excess noise is absorbed creating a much more relaxed space in which to work.

Coloured powdercoating

Choose any colour from the RAL spectrum to enhance the frame and compliment the fabric design.

Dynamic LEDs

LEDs can be programmed to interact with the fabric imagery. This brings a whole new dimension to the ambience in the room and brings the image to life in a subtle and gentle way.

Ceiling, wall, floor or suspended

Fabric faced lightboxes or frames can be used in a variety of ways to enhance and compliment the space I which they are being used.

LED colour warmth

Internal LED can be supplied with cold white output yet at the other end of the (Kelvin) spectrum, a warm yellow light can be utilised to create a more relaxed atmosphere

Brightness control

Internal LED lighting can controlled using a remote control that adjust the brightness to suit the environment, the season or even the mood.

Portable freestanding frames using castors

A free standing frame with a fabric image on both sides can be used as a portable partition in an office space

Wallmounted shapes

Lightboxes and frames that wallmount can be made in a wide variety of shapes including circles for additional impact.

Specialist vinyl applied to frames

A range of textured and patterned feature vinyls can be applied to the frame work to enhance the fabric print and also compliment the environment in which it is being located.