Prevent Office Illness with Antibacterial Partitions

The coronavirus outbreak has infected people in 185 countries. Its spread has left businesses around the world in various states of despair, and the UK is no different.

The UK Government announced a country-wide Lockdown in March and ever since, businesses up and down the country have faced turbulent times.

From industry shutdowns, poor profit margins, and the adjustment of working from home, businesses have had to quickly adapt the way they work in order to survive and stay safe.

Now, as lockdown procedures start to ease and some businesses are encouraged to return to work, employers have been under increasing amounts of pressure to ensure workplaces are ‘anti-virus friendly’.

So, how can you stop spreading germs in the office?

Antibacterial Partitions

The workplace is a breeding ground for germs, bacteria, and viral infection.

Even if you enforce improved hygiene regimes, encourage staff to stay home if they feel unwell, and install various sanitizer stations, germs around the office and workplace will always be rife.

That’s why it’s important to consider other methods too.

For months, the Government has been encouraging us to social distance and segregate ourselves away from those we don’t live with. This can be difficult in a working environment, especially if your workplace is small. However, we’ve made life a whole lot easier…

In response to social distancing rules, DPI has begun to manufacture bespoke partitions to help workplaces enforce social distancing and a safer working environment.

Prevent Office Illness

The partitions can be wall-mounted or free-standing displays, used to inform, warn, segregate and isolate different parts of an environment.

Custom-made to suit any requirement, the partitions are made from sturdy aluminium frames that house a customisable push-fit fabric inside. The fabric can be customised so that any image can be applied, whether it be your branding, hygiene information, or a pretty picture.

Alternatively, a clear, flexible material can be fitted to allow for full visibility during social distancing.

Not only do the partitions help keep employees socially distant, they can also aid in improving office hygiene. The use of this clear material allows employers to create temporary barriers and enforce social distancing without segregating staff.

The clear push fit material can also be used in shops and restaurants, allowing business owners to protect their staff and customers in a simple and effective way. The clear material can also be printed with a translucent design to enhance the environment without blocking the light or compromising safety.

DPI can apply an antibacterial treatment to the printed fabric to prevent the spread of germs, plus both the partition frame and push fabric can be easily cleaned for improved hygiene. Frames and clear fabrics can be wiped down with anti-bacterial cleaning products while printed fabrics can be removed and washed between uses.

Prevent Illness at work

Helping You Prevent Office Illness

During the Coronavirus epidemic, DPI wants to do its bit to help break the chain of infection.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our range of bespoke partitioning or need any more advice regarding preventing office illness, please get in touch. We’d be more than happy to help.