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Retail Lightboxes, Displays & Partitions

Lightboxes, Displays and Partitions for Retail


Lightboxes and diaplays are a great way to create the perfect atmosphere within your retail space. The endless options for design and lighting make them a great option for broadcasting your brand and promoting your products to stand out from the crowd.

Likewise, partitions are another great way of promoting your brand and products, as well as dividing spaces and enhancing safety.

Partitions can be used to guide customers through the checkout all while promoting key products. They can be customised to suit your brand too.

For customer safety, partitions can be used to divide seating areas and queues and staff can be protected from infection at the tills using clear screens.


What are the benefits of lightboxes, displays and partitions in retail spaces?

Eye Catching Displays

Express your brand with push fit fabric displays that stand out alongside competitors. These displays are easy to change to keep up with every product launch and campaign.

Create More Space

Partitioning can be used to divide your shop to create new and exciting areas, making the most of your space. All partitions can be printed with your branding to create a truly unique experience for shoppers. 

Promote Your Products

Show off key products in their best light with eye catching lightboxes and high quality printed push fabrics.  

Let's transform your retail space

 Why choose our lightboxes?

A Lumina lightbox in a retail space will bring your message to life, making your shop stand out on the high street. It will draw your customer’s eye to your display and above other, non-illuminated signage.

The push fit image can be changed quickly and easily with no tools to keep up with changing trends. This can often be done by shop staff with no fuss and easily stored for future use.

LEDs use much less power than traditional lightbulbs and fluorescent tubes. They also emit much less heat and last more than 50,000 hours for a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution. 

What type of lightboxes, displays and partitions are available?

Lightboxes, displays and partitions have a variety of uses within a retail space from advertising key products, guiding shoppers through a space, or creating a safe environment for employees.


Fit directly to the wall by drilling and fitting through the frame or backboard. Alternatively, fit into a recess or aperture by drilling and fitting through the frame side.


Create an adaptable retail space by adding castors to your lightbox display or partitions. Once fitted, casters make the displays easily moveable allowing you to alter your space to customer needs. 


Single or double-sided illumination lightboxes can have footplates fitted so that the lightbox can free stand and be moved around the shop floor as required.

Printed fabric

Flexible displays can be used to promote your brand and products whilst creating the desired atmosphere. Custom printed fabrics can be easily swapped, changed and stored allowing you to keep your environment fresh and exciting. 


Use our cabling system to suspend a single or double sided lightbox from the ceiling of your retail space, creating an eye catching focal point that promotes your brand and products.

Clear material

Using a clear push fit fabric in a bespoke partition frame is the best way to keep your employees and customers safe from infection. They can be completely clear to allow easy communication, or be printed with a bespoke design to enhance your brand. 

We bring your designs to life

What types of internal lighting are there?

Different lighting creates different atmospheres within a store. We offer a number of lighting solutions to create the feel that’s just right for you. 

Edge Lit

LEDs are mounted to a solid internal board inside the frame. They shine directly forwards illuminating the fabric image.

  • Brighter with greater impact
  • Supplied complete or in manageable sections
  • Allows the use of slimmer aluminium frame profile

Back lit

LEDs are mounted to a solid internal board inside the frame. They shine directly forwards illuminating the fabric image.

  • Brighter with greater impact
  • Supplied complete or in manageable sections
  • Allows the use of slimmer aluminium frame profile

Dynamic Backlit

Square tiles inside the lightbox frame contain small LEDs that can be programmed to interact with the fabric image. Using colour change, dimming, and many other options, Dynamic LEDs are the ultimate solution for attracting attention in a retail setting.

  • Attracts attention to your brand or message
  • Brings an image to life
  • Can be reprogrammed to work with new fabric image designs over and over again
  • Can be programmed remotely

    Who We’ve Worked With

    Park Vision

    Park Vision is a high end, independent optician located in the upmarket ‘Park’ area of Nottingham. They have intense competition from the high street franchises that sell similar services very cheaply but with much less product variety and a conveyor belt mentality. Park Vision commissioned interior design specialist ‘’Retail Experience Design’’ in Coventry to redesign their retail space and testing facilities to reflect the high level of expertise they offer.

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