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DPI UK: Tension Fabric Display Marque
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Tensioned fabric solutions for gym & leisure

Tensioned fabric solutions can create a motivating and welcoming environment within the fitness, gym and leisure industry. The endless options for design and internal illumination make them ideal for impressive displays in fitness classes and gym areas as well as communal and entrance areas.

The Lumina lightbox range can be built to almost any size and illumination can be customised to further enhance and compliment the space with various colour and warmth options. Integration of remote operation gives further control to the owner.

The Eclipse range of non-illuminated fabric displays provides a more economic solution but can still pack a punch when it comes to updating a workout space.

Acoustic absorption material can be fitted behind the fabric image to help control sound and unwanted echo in a gymnasium setting.


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DPI UK: Tension Fabric Display Marque
basic 19mm muurmontage

Why choose tensioned fabric solutions

Attract attention

Tensioned fabric displays in a leisure setting create a space that members want to be in. Beautiful imagery, illuminated or not, is motivating and welcoming. Inspirational imagery can be proudly broadcast throughout the business for employees and clients to enjoy.

Easily updated, quickly and by almost anyone

Fabric imagery simply push fits into the frame edge to create a drum-tight skin with your chosen artwork. Plus, if you leisure space needs a refresh, simply pull out the old design and push-fit the new one.

Environmentally friendly

Lumina lightboxes and Eclipse frames are very eco-friendly. The primarily aluminium hardware and fabric imagery are recyclable and the LED system uses significantly less power than traditional illumination.


Lumina and Eclipse displays can be fitted directly to the wall by drilling and fitting through either the frame of the LED backboard.

Free stand

Lumina and Eclipse displays can free stand on non-trip, flat footplates. Both the Lumina and Eclipse ranges can be built to fit fabric on both sides for a 360-degree view.


Lumina and Eclipse displays can be suspended from ceilings to demand attention from across the gym. They can also ceiling mount to illuminate a room giving ultimate control of the ambience in the gym or during a class.


Lumina and Eclipse displays can be built into existing display cabinets or other structures to make an impact while looking like part of the furniture.


Make your free standing display portable by fitting lockable castor systems. Tensioned fabric images can be moved around whenever a new layout is required.

Printed fabric imagery

A wide range of printable fabrics are now available for Lumina and Eclipse systems. Printed fabrics are fire-rated, recyclable and can be made from plastic bottles. Plus, the tension fabric system means displays are easy to install without the need for a fitting team.



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DPI UK: Tension Fabric Display Marque

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