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DPI UK: Tension Fabric Display Marque

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Workspaces today need to be planned and designed to add character, and art can help to achieve this goal.

If offices look outdated and dull, and only have bland grey, beige or white walls, this induces feelings of sadness, boredom and worse, depression.

DPI will work with you, using blank space to its greatest capacity to meet your clients’ requirements, creating unique workspace solutions that reflect their company culture, brand values and bring this to life through an inspiring environment for both employees and visitors.

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Extended Business Benefits For You

Not only will our solutions for you enhance your company’s image, it will help to deliver business benefits, such as increasing employee retention, attracting new talent and providing an engaging work environment that improves employee satisfaction and boosts morale.

Not to mention, these displays will look a lot better in the background of video call meetings; you can choose the imagery, be it scenic, motivational quotes, logos, compelling graphics…

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DPI UK: Tension Fabric Display Marque

Your Options

We are able to meet your client’s specifications to ensure the best quality output.

All of our products can be made to any size and built into existing structures to make them look like a part of the furniture and subtly command the environment.

Should you want to change the interior in the future, for instance if your client goes through a rebrand, this can be done with ease and it’s far more efficient to reprint a new fabric skin than it is to redecorate an entire space.

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Option 1: Lumina (Illuminated)

There are multiple ways in which you can incorporate LED lighting into an office space. Lighting has psychological effects on people’s emotions and behaviour; so you can decide on the appropriate colour options to create the perfect ambience.

Warm light will create a softer atmosphere whereas higher intensity white light will make people more alert and productive.

For more vivid graphics, you can choose any colour on the RGB spectrum to match your client’s branding.

Option 2: Eclipse (Non-Illuminated)

The Eclipse range is a more economic solution for businesses still looking to create an impact with your chosen artwork. 

For busier offices, we can include acoustic sound absorption material, which is fitted behind the fabric, to reduce any extra noise and minimise distracting echoes.

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Case Study

On this large backwall of Scarab Sweepers, DPI UK built a huge Lumina 60 lightbox in four sections. The overall size was over 4 metres wide and over 2 metres tall. A single printed fabric was fitted to cover the section connections, resulting in a dramatic transformation of the space.

As well as this, four smaller Lumina 60 lightboxes were fitted along the longer wall, each with its own fabric print.

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DPI UK: Tension Fabric Display Marque



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DPI UK: Tension Fabric Display Marque

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