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The main objective of your exhibition stand is not only to catch the eye but to also inform people quickly and clearly: about what your company is all about. Given all the noise, exhibition stands need to immediately communicate key messages to their target audience.

During an exhibition, you:

Do this effectively, and you have the opportunity to build great initial relationships that can be nurtured into a sale later down the line.

First impressions of your stand will leave a lasting impact on attendees, and determine whether they want to find out more. To create a unique atmosphere and stand apart from your competitors, tension fabric displays, especially when illuminated, will speak volumes and naturally draw the attendees’ gaze. By incorporating lighting in your stand, will increase awareness and set the mood. For instance, warm light will give off a relaxed feel whereas a bright, white light can create a sense of urgency.

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Don’t be just a wallpaper. It’s easy to cover an exhibition stand with vague brand messages and just simply hope for the best. But, instead of fading into the background, distinguish yourself from your competitors with tension fabric displays that will offer long-distance visibility and encourage your audience to stop and interact with you.Choosing a creative exhibition stand that represents your brand will help maximise your ROI. A tension fabric display unit is an investment. A reusable, one-off purchase that can be reconfigured and used over and over again, lowering the cost of exhibiting in the future. And changing the fabric of your stand has never been easier. You can print new graphics for separate panels, pop the old ones out and push the new ones in, meaning you don’t have to buy a new stand every time.

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Your Options

DPI will work with your specifications to ensure we create a unique stand that takes centre stage. All of our products can be made in any size and have the option to be illuminated or non illuminated depending on your needs.Should you want to change the fabric skin in the future, for instance for a new exhibition, this can be done with ease and it’s far more efficient to reprint a new fabric skin than it is to produce an entirely new stand.
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Option 1:

Odyssey (suspended)

Both illuminated and non-illuminated displays can be suspended to the ceiling to make a great impact from afar and aid wayfinding. In a room full of other exhibitors, a suspended display will make it easier for you to be found, create a strong presence and help you dominate the room.All displays are made to order. You can choose from:


All exterior faces, including the base will be fitted with high-tension fabric for a completely enclosed suspended display.


Both interior and exterior faces can be fitted with fabric, with no base. These can be any size and flat packed for easy assembly on site.


If you want something a little different, curved suspended displays will help you to truly stand apart. Like the Canopy option, fabric can be fitted on the interior and exterior faces

Option 1:


Lumina (Illuminated)

Incorporating illuminated artwork will help to give your graphics depth, dynamism, and help to boost impact and engagement during an exhibition.

Eclipse (Non-illuminated)

The Eclipse range is a more economic, non illuminated solution for businesses still looking to create an impact with your chosen artwork.

Shell Scheme:

To build an exclusive area, both our Lumina and Eclipse range can be free-standing, but connected together to create walls. For example, you could place non-illuminated displays adjacent to one another and a luminated display as a back wall. Here, each panel will be individual so the graphics you choose can be different. And, fabric can be fitted to both sides of the display unit, giving it a 360 degree view.



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