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Illuminated Lightboxes

Showcase your business in the best light

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What are LED lightboxes?

Lumina LED lightboxes are bespokely built tension-fabric display systems designed to grab attention and transform your environment.

LED lightboxes from DPI are made to order and can be customised to your specification. They can be built using a variety of profiles depending on whether they are being used wallmounted, suspended, free standing or built into an existing structure.

Plus, the LED systems can be tailored to your needs, with backlit and edge lit options available and optional dimming and colour features so you can take control of your environment.



What are the benefits of an LED Lightbox?

Lumina LED lightboxes are made to meet your vision, bringing your ideas to life. That’s why we offer a range of customisation options:
  • Made to almost any shape or size
  • Powdercoating for frames
  • Easy to change display fabrics
  • Programmable LEDs
Wall Mounted
Free Standing


The Lumina lightbox range includes:

Lumina 60

The popular Lumina 60 lightbox has a 60mm deep frame with impactful backlit or edge lit LEDs behind a single printed push-fit fabric.

Lumina 120

The 120mm frame can fit an impressive 70 LEDs per square meter offering an impactful display that shows your business in the best light.

Lumina LGP

Lumina LGP (light guided panel) is a much slimmer lightbox with a 33mm frame, possible because of the integral illuminated acrylic sheet. The glowing internal panel allows a printed fabric to be fitted much closer to the light source for an even more impactful glow.

Lumina Dynamic

Lumina Dynamic takes LED illumination of fabric imagery to the next level, the RGB LED panels behind the fabric display are programmed to interact and enhance the chosen image, bringing the whole display to life.


Wall Mounted

Our range of Lumina LED lightboxes can be mounted onto a wall to transform your environment.

Wallmounted lightboxes are usually fitted directly to the wall, avoiding any crucial components. Alternatively, they can be fitted to a recess or aperture by drilling and fitting through the frame side.

We can supply the wallmounted Lumina lightbox as one complete unit, or in sections for simple logistics.


Grab attention from afar with expertly crafted suspended LED lightboxes that create an environment people want to be in.

The Lumina 60, Lumina 120 and Lumina Dynamic illuminated solutions can be suspended using adjustable cabling to make your vision a reality.

Each solution offers the facility to fit a printed fabric to the front and the rear in case 360-degree viewing is required.

Free Standing

Turn your vision into a reality with the freestanding Lumina range from DPI.

The Lumina range has three free standing illuminated solutions, Lumina 60, edge lit Lumina 120 and the Lumina Dynamic.

All freestanding lightboxes from DPI use anti-trip flat footplates, or for a more mobile solution, can be fitted with moveable castors.

Each option offers the facility to fit a printed fabric to the front and the rear in case 360-degree viewing is required.


Take control of your environment with seamless built-in LED displays designed to showcase your business in the best light.

The Lumina range has two illuminated solutions that can be built into existing structures; the Lumina 60 and Lumina 120.

Both solutions have enough metalwork in their returns to allow drilling and fixing into an aperture. Alternatively, drill and fix through the backboard.

Built-in displays are the perfect choice for an exhibition or an office refurbishment alike.



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DPI UK: Tension Fabric Display Marque

Why you should choose a Lumina lightbox

Flexible design

The Lumina range is designed with flexibility in mind, meaning it can be built to almost any shape or size! Plus push-fit technology means you can easily change the artwork at any time without the need for a fitter.

Lifetime warranty

Lumina LED lightboxes by DPI are the only professional lightbox solution to carry a lifetime warranty. We’ll work hard to find the root of your issue and replace parts so you don’t have to compromise on quality.

UK manufactured

All of DPIs display solutions are made to order by a team of experts in our UK-based manufacturing facility. As a result, each and every lightbox delivers on durability and looks good.

Worldwide usage

No matter how far you travel, the LEDs used in the Lumina range use switchable drivers to ensure output is the same around the world.


We take every precaution to ensure Lumina lightboxes are as sustainable as possible. From recyclable frames to fabrics made from plastic bottles, the Lumina range is perfect for the eco-conscious.

Quality electrical components

We only use 24-volt LED systems on hard-backed LED strips and internally mounted electrical components to deliver lasting quality.

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