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Features of Our Living Walls

The portable, living wall is a self-sufficient, vertical garden on wheels that can be incorporated into any indoor space, bringing the outdoors inside without limitations.

Available in two colours (black and white), the living wall will compliment existing interiors, and its rear panel can be branded with a tension fabric display to bring together your overall design.

Check the features of our portable living wall below.

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Integral Grow Light

No matter where you place the living wall, the plants will thrive.

The specially-designed grow lights will ensure that your plants are healthy and their life prolonged, even when placed away from direct sunlight.

Extended Benefits

Portable living walls are the answer to your interior design needs. An impactful visual feature, it’s time to bring nature indoors and promote happier, healthier occupants, customers and employees.

The living wall is easy to assemble and requires very little maintenance, the perfect solution for bringing nature indoors. Technical features can be controlled via an app, so you can rest assured that your plants are being well looked after. 

The impact of living walls is not only aesthetic. They contribute to improved indoor air quality by naturally providing oxygen around the space, purifying the air and reducing volatile organic compounds (VOCs). In turn, this creates a healthy, productive and pleasant environment that improves the quality of life and overall well-being.

With open floor plan spaces, there are often distractions like too much noise. But did you know plants are great at absorbing noise and distracting sounds? Easy to move around, a living wall is a powerful tool for creating unique spaces with reduced noise pollution. And can be used to divide up the room in order to foster engagement, inspire innovation and drive productivity.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I install my own plants?

Yes, the ideal plant pot size is P9 (a diameter of 9cm). It is also possible to install P12 pots or pots smaller than P9. When installing smaller sizes, please keep in mind to add extra soil.

Can I link multiple units together?

Yes, this is possible with a click system, which is supplied if you order more than one portable living wall. With multiple units, you only need one power socket.

Is the water pump noisy?

The sound is around 15 decibels. In a quiet office, this is comparable to the sound of rain outside (approx 50dB).

How often should I use the water pump?

We recommend allowing the water pump to work 1 minute a day, and at least 10 minutes once a week.

What is the water reservoir capacity?

The water reservoir can hold up to 80L (21 gallons). So you can easily enjoy a long break without worrying about refilling it.

How does the UV filter work?

The UV filter is built into the reservoir using UV-C light to keep the water clean from harmful bacteria.

How often should I use the integral grow light?

To ensure optimal quality and growth of plants, turn on the grow light for at least 8 hours a day, (you can even do this during the night). Keep in mind that if your living wall is located in an area with lots of natural light, plants require a dark surrounding for at least 4 hours a day to rest.

What can the app control?

Through the app, you can control: Grow light on/off and grow light time slots activity; Water pump on/off and water pump time slots activity; UV filter on/off and UV filter time slots activity; Air circulation fan on/off and air circulation fan time slots activity

Do you have to use the app to control the technical aspects?

No, you will still be able to control the system manually using the control panel next to the water reservoir.



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