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Tension Fabric Display Systems & Frames

High quality, easy to fit retail display systems. Made in Castle Donington.

The DPI UK Retail Display System – bringing tension graphics and UK made aluminium frames together in one ideal solution that adapts to your display needs.


How do we do it?

We use tension fabric, which is a specialist, printed fabric that fits onto an aluminium frame or aluminium framed light box. It has a silicon strip all the way around the edge. You simply push the printed fabric into place and tension increases until it fits tightly to give you a stunning retail display.

This type of retail display has really grown in popularity over the past few years for two main reasons.

One. Advances in large format print technology have made it easier to achieve high quality printed images on fabric. The fabric is stretchy which means that normal printers could distort the image. This new breed of printer gives you clear, colourful, vibrant image that looks great wherever it is used.

And two. The fabric will roll or fold which makes shipping easier and cheaper. They’re also easy to fit and store which means you can keep your signs for future use and display them again without having to bring in a team of fitters. You can also choose to have a temporary display to reflect new products and trends or showcase the latest offers.

Where have I seen this type of retail display system?

Tension fabric displays are used everywhere from high street retail displays to airports, museums and offices as well as for semi-permanent displays and exhibitions. They can even be used to create ceiling hung tension fabric displays.

What size frame or light box can you go to?

What size do you want? The only limit is to the size of the print – currently just under 5 metres but we can go to any length. Aluminium frames and light boxes can be built to any size, giving you massive scope for your displays.

Can I have different coloured UK engineered aluminium frames?

We can powder coat our frames and light box frames to any colour. We also offer a variety of decorative vinyl finishes.

What depth of frames are available?

We have everything from very slim 19mm profile frames for wall mounted, non-illuminated displays right up to 200mm light boxes for big double sided structures that need extra stability. We currently have the biggest range on the UK market.

Why is the Lumina light box so popular with the trade?

The Lumina light box range has a 10 year warranty. Every light box we manufacture is safety tested and a ‘safety certificate’ is provided.

In addition, we apply ‘serial numbers’ to all light boxes, in the rare event there is a problem after installation, the serial number can be used for identification and to tell us what components were used within. This makes repair solutions much quicker.

We can, on request, utilise low smoke, zero halogen power cables in all our light boxes. This is a common request by clients that are putting our units into airports.

Finally, the drivers or transformers that we use to convert the power to that which is usable by the LEDS within are internally mounted and out of view. The drivers are also ‘switchable’ so the light box can be used anywhere in the world (including the USA) without any power loss or issues.

This all makes the Lumina range of fabric light boxes, the most sensible and economical option for any project.