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The lifetime warranty applies to all backlit or edge-lit lightboxes (excluding Dynamic lightboxes), manufactured by DPI UK Ltd on or after July 1st 2019 (excluding Dynamic & LGP).

The warranty covers all internal LED strips and LED drivers for manufacturer’s defects.

The warranty does not cover the aluminium frame, the printed fabric, the solid backboard, internal wiring or obvious physical damage to any component.


Claimants can be anybody who can produce a serial number that corresponds with a lightbox manufactured by DPI on or after July 1st 2019.

The serial number must be supplied with photographs of the complete unit with the fabric removed illustrating the issue (LED strips not illuminating etc). DPI reserve the right to ask for further photos if those supplied are insufficient in showing the nature of the issue.

Once the problem has been evaluated and deemed to be a ‘manufacturer’s defect’, DPI will mail relevant components to the claimant.
The claimant is then responsible for having the components professionally fitted and having the lightbox safety tested.

Once the issue has been rectified, the claimant is required to send a copy of the safety test documentation to DPI.

Until this documentation is received, the lightbox is no longer under warranty.

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