What’s a Lightbox and Why Do You Need One?

In any retail or event environment, the biggest challenge is engaging passers-by. How can you make sure your store or stand really grabs their attention?

The answer? LED lightboxes.

What is a LED Lightbox?

Lumina LED Lightboxes are illuminated aluminium boxes that can be used to create an eye-catching display.

LED lights illuminate a fabric graphic pulled taut across a frame. The illuminated graphic helps to increase your visibility and improve brand awareness, grabbing a customer’s attention and encouraging sales.

LED lightboxes can be updated easily with different graphics for a long-term solution or multi-use purposes. If used at an event they can be brought home and repurposed in your office space. LED lightboxes can be built into walls, suspended, or free standing.

Lumina Lightbox

How do you make LED lightboxes?

DPI can build LED lightboxes to almost any size. Once a size and specification has been chosen, we paint (powder coat) the aluminium frame to any colour, matching the environment it will sit in.

The graphic display image is then printed onto a thin fabric that allows light through it (backlit). The fabric image then has a thin, flexible edging strip fitted all the way around its complete perimeter.

This allows almost anyone to apply the fabric image to the lightbox by pushing the strip into a thin recess in the frame all the way around until the fabric is ‘drum tight’. No tools or any other skillset is required to do this, and the fabric can be changed quickly and easily.

Once the fabric image is fitted, the lightbox can be switched on, illuminating the fabric, and instantly bringing the image to life.

Retail Lightbox Display

What are the benefits of a LED lightbox?

Attracts Attention

A Lumina lightbox on an exhibition stand or in a retail space will bring your message to life. It will draw the eye to your message over and above other, non-illuminated signage.

Easily Adaptable

The push fit image can be changed quickly and easily with no tools. This can often be done by shop staff or stand personnel. Because the old fabric image simply pulls out of the frame, it can be rolled up and stored for re-use on another occasion.

LEDs Are Environmentally Friendly

LEDs use much less power than traditional lightbulbs and fluorescent tubes. They also emit much less heat. The LEDs used in a Lumina lightbox last more than 50,000 hours. This makes them an environmentally sound and cost-effective solution.

Types of LED Lightbox

Lumina LED light boxes can be built using a variety of different thicknesses of aluminium profiles so that they can either be wall-mounted, free stand with feet or they can suspend using cables.

Lumina lightboxes can be square, rectangle, circular and various other polygon shapes.


Fitted directly to the wall by drilling and fitting through the frame or backboard (avoiding any components of course). Alternatively, fitted into a recess or aperture by drilling and fitting through the frame side.


Single or double-sided illumination lightboxes can have footplates fitted so that the lightbox can free stand in a retail situation or an exhibition stand. If the lightbox needs to be moved regularly, castors can be fitted instead of feet.


Use our cabling system to suspend a single or double-sided lightbox from the ceiling of a retail space or in an exhibition hall.

Suspended event display

Where can LED lightboxes be used?


Fabric faced lightboxes are ideal for brand recognition, advertising and selling products in all types of retail situations. This includes shops, superstores, airports and showrooms.

Public Spaces

Lightboxes can used for giving instructions or information in public spaces such as museums, council offices, places of worship and community centres.


An obvious choice for LED lightboxes is on an exhibition stand. Attracting visitors, highlighting product benefits and advertising special offers. Plus, an edge lit lightbox can be flat packed for easy and cost-effective shipping between events.


There is an unlimited amount of possibilities with an LED lightbox and an office space is just one. Display motivational and uplifting imagery, highlight your reception desk signage, use lightboxes for partitioning or even sound absorption using internally fitted sound muffling material.

Interested in LED lightboxes?

Generate sales, improve brand awareness, increase footfall, and make an impact with a bespoke LED lightbox to really showcase what you’re about.

LED illumination from DPI goes beyond putting lights behind a graphic.

Every element of our lightboxes is carefully considered to ensure high quality, effective display art. We’re proud to manufacture lightboxes that create maximum visual impact whilst providing longevity and superior performance.

Think an LED light box could enhance your ideas? Let’s bring your vision to life by arranging a call. Get in touch today.